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How many times have you said, “I will do it tomorrow” when talking about working out, joining a gym or health class, or just taking a walk. Then tomorrow comes, and another event presents itself and soon the whole year has gone by without increasing your quality of life or health. Waiting to get motivation is a trap. Motivation is not something that strikes you like lightening one day. It is something that sneaks up on you after you have worked consistently toward a goal. Health is much like motivation. It does not magically appear one day; you have to work for it.

New research has been reported on the benefits of walking to prevent stroke and heart attack. The scientists followed about 74,000 ladies for six years and found that the incidence of stroke or heart attack decreased by 30% for the ladies that worked out for at least 2 ½ hours each week. Working out is described as walking or other type of similar exercise that does not need to be strenuous. By completing 2 ½ hours of activity each week, their risk of heart attack and stroke decreased by one-third. This research provides motivation to increase health.

Instead of tomorrow, do it today. Do it without motivation. After you start just doing it, that is when motivation comes and makes it easier for you to continue. Motivation happens in many ways. For example, people are motivated when they feel better, have more energy, lose weight, lower blood pressure or cholesterol, and decrease their risk of heart disease. There are many opportunities to enjoy a workout, take a walk around the block or park, join a class that you enjoy, run, or swim. With the change of seasons upon us, it is a beautiful time to enjoy the outdoors. Then, reward your actions with a healthier you.

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