Ohio lawmakers, doctors suggest chiropractic care instead of opioids

OHIO (WSAZ) — The Ohio Attorney General, lawmakers and chiropractors had a press conference Tuesday to talk about the alternative to pain medications.


“We need to be creative and open to all potential solutions,” said an official with the Ohio State Chiropractic Association.

“More and more people are looking for new and innovative ways to treat pain,” said Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine.

DeWine talked about community health centers in Ohio that include medical, fitness, social and educational services. He says he has also seen hospitals and large medical practices creating group appointments for people suffering with chronic pain and addiction.

He talked about how the country is hurting from the over-prescribing of pills leading to opioid addiction. He says babies are born addicted to drugs, jails are overflowing and the foster care system is overwhelmed.

“And we have a significant number of people, tragically in Ohio, who are either under employed or unemployed because they cannot pass a drug test,” said DeWine.

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