Kids and Chirpractic Care

A sign in one chiropractor’s office states, “Go ahead and leave your kids at home so they can feel as good as you do when they grow up.” The sign is blunt but true. Many problems that we experience as adults can be traced back to incidences during our childhood, for example, the birthing process, learning to walk, falling off bikes, and bumping into things.

During the birthing process, there are tremendous stresses placed on the head and neck of a newborn. When the bones, muscles, and ligaments undergo this stress, many things can happen in the body. Infants may only sleep for short periods of time, are irritable, or feed poorly because they are uncomfortable in a certain feeding position. These are all signs that their body was stressed too much during birth.

Another sign that they are not comfortable or something is not correct in their body is infantile colic, which usually occurs around three to four months of age. It means an otherwise healthy infant who exhibits persistent, forceful crying for no apparent reason. The crying usually continues for several hours each day, most of the days of the week. When parents attempt to calm the child by feeding, holding, changing their diaper, or rocking them, it has little to no effect on the child. These infants typically respond well to chiropractic care. In a study conducted with children affected by colic, 316 infants with colic were evaluated by a chiropractor and adjusted. Improvement was noted within a two week period in 94 percent of the infants treated. On average, improvement was seen in three treatments.

Chiropractic care is an important part of the health care team for overall improvement of your child’s well being.

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