Bioflex Laser Therapy

What exactly is Laser Therapy, you might be wondering. Well, this
extremely effective treatment is known by many names, such as cold or
low-level laser therapy (LLLT), but the most accurate title is
photobiomodulation therapy (PBMT), which is the use of red and near-
infrared wavelengths of light energy to enhance cellular metabolism, which
promotes quicker recovery from tissue damage and inflammation.
At Back in Balance, we use the BIOFLEX ®  laser, which combines the
powerful Class 3b lasers with a large surface array of two different colour
LEDs, in order to better affect a larger volume of circulating blood, as well
as penetrating to reach more underlying tissues. This results in both a
powerful systemic and direct local healing effect. Because PBMT targets
injured cells and tissues directly, it can work very well in conjunction with
some of the other therapies and other modalities we offer, such as
Chiropractic, Osteopathy, Naturopathic Medicine, Massage and
Physiotherapy. This combination of treatments can help patients recover
more quickly from many different types of musculoskeletal and sports injuries
with decreased symptoms, less scar tissue, accelerated cell regeneration
and improved function.

How it works
When cells and tissues are damaged and injured they have a slower
metabolism and as a result they end up with decreased energy and
cellular functions.
Light energy in the red and near-infrared wavelengths, as utilised in
Laser Therapy, is absorbed and used by the injured cells to increase
metabolism, which results in accelerated repair and regeneration of
damaged tissues.
This enhanced cellular energy and function can produce many
different benefits to help the body heal quicker. These include:

  1. The production of new blood vessles and increased blood flow.
    Increased capillary networks can bring more oxygenated blood to the
    injured tissue and thereby accelerate tissue healing.
  2. Collagen Production
    Leads to reduced scar and adhesion formation.
  3. Muscle Repair & Regeneration
    Repair of damaged muscle fibres and increased muscle stem cells
    results in quicker and more complete regeneration of muscle tissue.
  4. Inflammation & Edema
    Decreases inflammation promoting chemicals in the blood and
    increases the anti-inflammatory ones, which combines with lymphatic
    vasodilation, helps to resolve inflammation and edema.
  5. Bone Formation
    Increased production of bone cells and remodeling of bone
    extracellular matrix results in accelerated callus formation and bone repair.
  1. Cartilage Production
    Increase in cartilage cells and collagen production allows for
    improved cartilage growth and joint function.
    Because of these highly beneficial changes and adaptations to injured
    tissues, Laser Therapy is able to help treat a number of different
    conditions, including:
    Musculoskeletal Injuries 
    This is the bread and butter of Laser Therapy and Photobiomodulation.
    Muscle and tendon strains, ligament sprains, cartilage tears, bursitis,
    plantar fasciitis, and other injuries to the musculoskeletal system all benefit
    from Laser Therapy treatments. Whether it is due to a sports injury,
    overuse condition, or an accident, Photobiomodulation with Bioflex Laser
    Therapy can accelerate the healing process and decrease your symptoms
    to get you back to the activities you love much sooner.
    Wound Healing 
    This was one of the earliest known benefits of Cold Laser. BIOFLEX has
    proven to accelerate post surgical wound healing, dermal ulcers including
    diabetic lesions and those secondary to compression and other types of
    wounds. This approach results in increased blood flow and collagen
    production, as well as decreased inflammation and scar tissue formation
    Chronic progressive types of joint degeneration like Osteoarthritis can be
    effectively managed with BIOFLEX Laser Therapy treatments. Whether you
    are suffering from early or late stages of degeneration, the Laser Therapy
    treatments will provide decreased pain, inflammation, stiffness and edema
    as well as improved function and ranges of motion, all of which will enable
    you to enjoy you activities of daily living easier and with less pain.
    Nerve Healing
    From diabetic neuropathy to radiating pain due to disc injuries (Sciatica), to
    carpal tunnel syndrome, BIOFLEX Laser Therapy can accelerate nerve
    healing and decrease numbness, tingling and nerve pain. Several peer
    reviewed clinical trials and lab studies have shown Laser Therapy to be an
    effective treatment for nerve healing, with no known side effects.

Overall Advantages of Laser Therapy
 Highly Effective
 No Known Side Effects

 Very few contraindications
 Directly targets injured/diseased cells
 Indicated for nearly all conditions


I went to Dr Friedman for tennis elbow. He suggested laser treatment and said it would take between
4 and 6 visits. I was a little apprehensive to a new type of treatment. But by visit number 4, I was
completely pain free. And have had no pain since. Highly highly recommend
Jason Laurin

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