Have you hugged someone today?

Have you hugged someone today? Everyone needs human contact. As many people know, if a baby is not touched and held daily, there are detrimental effects. The results can be mild, like nonsocial behavior, or as severe as death. As children, we are hugged and touched constantly, but as we age, it decreases dramatically. Although the need for love and acceptance does not change as we age, our human contact decreases. Unlike a child, we are probably not going to die if we do not get a hug today, but the day would be a lot better if we hugged.

Webster defines hug as a close embrace. Hugging is a simple, safe gesture to show you care for someone. It is not necessarily intimate, but always friendly. Think of all the ways to show support for loved ones and friends, the easiest and best way is a hug. We always hug at weddings and funerals, but there is no need to wait for a special occasion. Everyday that we are alive is a special day, start it with a hug.

If hugging is too intimate for you, try a smile. They are a free way to spread happiness daily. You will likely find that smiling is contagious; there are not many people who do not smile back. It is an easy way to look beautiful and confident. Look another person in the eyes and smile. You will be amazed at the response. If you are having a bad day, where nothing is going right, just look in the mirror and smile or make a funny face. This may help to lighten your spirit and decrease stress. Children smile hundreds to thousands of times a day. They communicate through smiles. We can follow their example and share our happiness with others by smiling.

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