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  • Wednesday Office Hours-No Clinic Appointments
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Dr. Kelly Norman, B.Sc., D.C.

Clinic Director/Chiropractor

“It is my passion to help people discover how good it feels to be healthy again”

It was during her chiropractic education at Palmer that Dr. Norman discovered the true meaning of health. A person is not healthy unless they have a properly functioning nervous system. “A small part of my job is to help people with their aches and pains; more importantly, I assist in the body’s natural healing process by improving nerve function.”

Too often, we accept or drug pain as part of our reality, rather than trying to find and eliminate its causes. One often accepts poor health as their “norm”- normal headaches, fatigue, coughs and colds. And very often, the simple realization that these conditions are not normal can be an exciting first step to real change.

Just as all individuals have their own unique set of symptoms and underlying causes there is no “formula” for the recovery of good health, but there are rules. You and Dr. Norman work together to create a realistic, individual treatment plan, which represents a true commitment to change for the better.

Dr. Norman’s goals are to help you be free of pain and feeling energetic. You work closely with her to optimize your nervous system and your natural healing mechanisms, resulting in a new awareness of your body’s natural state of health and vitality.

“I enjoy working with people who see themselves as active participants in choosing better health and a better life for themselves and their families”

In her efforts to excel in family Chiropractic care, Dr. Norman has obtained a certification in prenatal care. This program is offered through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) and allows chiropractors to attend to the very specific needs of children and expectant mothers. Dr. Norman has also obtained a certification in Webster Technique, a development in prenatal care that can facilitate the birth process for women, especially in the event of a breech birth. Dr. Norman works closely with a complement of Ottawa’s best prenatal practitioners.  Dr. Norman has also uses Bioflex laser therapy (also called cold laser and infrared low level laser therapy) to add to her skill set when treating conditions such as arthritis, bursitis, ligament/muscle tears and spinal stenosis.

strong positive mental attitude will create more miracles than any wonder drug.”   Patricia Neal

Dr. Norman’s patients know that she personifies one of her favorite quotes above. Always positive, caring and available, Dr. Norman partners with her patients ( big and small)  in “healthy miracles” every day at Back in Balance Chiropractic!
Her positive mental attitude, high energy and vitality extends throughout her life and when not with patients she can be found in the gym or at home in the kitchen creating a new recipe!  Dr. Norman lives in Ottawa with her two beautiful children Gemma and Dax.

Here is a great video link that demonstrates the chiropractic tables and technique used by Dr. Norman:

I am a chiropractor and have been adjusted regularly (weekly) by Dr. Norman for four years now.
A week ago, I spent four hours in my kayak, paddling pretty hard, against wind and current. It was great but doing so, I misaligned a rib on the left side of my thoracic cage in my back. Dr. Norman was nice enough to see me before her day started, as an emergency patient. She gave me a “killer” adjustment, which put my rib exactly where it belongs, in line with my spine! I felt instant relief, and the acute pain I was suffering from disappeared and stayed away. I am now happily back on my maintenance (weekly) program. Had I not been receiving regular care, it would have taken three times as long to fix the problem.

Dr. Evelyn Bruneau DC

New fees as of April 1, 2021

Services & Fees

Initial Visit Regular Visit Convenience Plan*
Adult $90 $48 $43.20
Senior (over 65) $65 $41 $36.90
Child or Student $55 $38 $34.20

*   Convenience Plan is a pre-paid $500 plan which translates to a 10% discount per visit.  It can be used between all family members and accelerates check out.
* The Progress exam is performed by the Chiropractor at a specific date according to your individual plan. The doctor will verify your progress to date, and reasses your treatment plan. We will assign a longer appointment time for you.

** Re-examination is required after a patient has not visited their Chiropractor for a year or more as the practitioner will spend more time to re-asses your health status.  This allows us to give you the best care possible.

Cold Laser Therapy

Regular Visit Convenience Plan*
30 minutes $60 $54
45 minutes $80 $72
60 minutes $95 $85.50