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Dr. Keith Ellard, B.Sc., D.C.


Living life to the fullest has always been the goal for Dr. Keith Ellard.

Never one to shy away from change or a challenge, his journey has taken him from rock band member, to pre-med, to chiropractor and consultant.

Let’s go back to the rock band first. From the late eighties to the mid-nineties (Dr. Ellard refers to these as his great hair years!), he was a member of Soul Tattoo, a popular rock band that toured across Canada. Soul Tattoo released three albums that received worldwide critical acclaim and several of their videos were featured on Much Music. So music, musicians and the occasional stage performance remain a part of his personal passion.

How does a guy get from rock star to chiropractor? Migraines – bad ones – from the age of seven to twenty-two as a result of multiple concussions.  And the jump from pre-med into chiropractic? Well, those migraines went from occasional to daily, and the debilitating pain that could not be addressed by anyone was finally addressed by a chiropractor. The instant that Dr. Ellard was adjusted, the migraine pattern changed and then eventually stopped. It did not take long before becoming a chiropractor was the next part of his journey.

As a chiropractor Dr. Ellard is always seeking cutting edge approaches to health care that mesh with his knowledge of the body and nervous system to help his patients.  Years ago, he was introduced to a unique protocol that was changing the face of how professional and world class athletes were performing (Performance for Life Method, PFLM). Rather than using traditional orthopedic/chiropractic testing it utilized proprioceptive and neuromuscular recruitment testing and was based on exceptional peer reviewed research.

“What really impressed me was how quickly this approach was able to help athletes who were injured, rehab and return to play.  In a lot of cases after being evaluated and adjusted based on PFLM, these athletes were able to return to play and exceed their previous performance levels.”

Not wanting to limit this remarkable approach to the management of elite athletes alone, Dr. Ellard successfully integrated it into caring for the needs of what he affectionately refers to as ‘white collar and weekend warriors’.

In many ways, things have come full circle for Dr. Ellard. Aside from his practice members who use his chiropractic care for everything from pain relief to wellness, he has had the opportunity to provide care for many children, adults, and athletes alike, many of whom have suffered the spectrum of post concussion symptoms.

“I had been suffering from post concussion syndrome for over two months and had tried everything, including functional neurology, when my team flew me to Ottawa to work with Dr. Ellard. The blocked feeling in my head was gone after my first treatment.”

Stephen Gillard, Halifax Mooseheads QMJHL

Helping elite athletes and rock stars return to high performance is fun and exciting; however, the best and most humbling moments for him revolve around seeing the profound effect his brand of chiropractic has on the lives of everyday people.

“At the age of five I was hit by a car and suffered brain trauma that left me with only 20% sensation of the entire right side of my body. Within ten minutes of a PFL assessment and adjustment, 100% sensation returned to my body for the first time in seventeen years. It felt as if a tap had been turned on and I could feel life flow back into the right side of my body. I feel completely revitalized.” D.Teasdale

Combining his passions is where you will find Dr. Ellard during elusive free time….. that looks a lot like backstage caring for the rock bands and athletes that come through town! Dr. Ellard has enjoyed “the best table in the house” for bands including AC DC, The Who, Bon Jovi, Rihanna, New Kids on the Block, Chicago and Backstreet Boys.

He would be delighted to work with you. For more information on his work specifically with concussion management, see Dr. Keith’s Ellard’s concussion tab on this page.

 “Chronic low back pain has been a real problem for me. After seeing all sorts of specialists, I found Dr. Ellard. In just a few visits, I was able to participate in the NHL prospects camp without any pain”. Jeremie Fraser, Acadie Bathurst Titans QMJHL, Carleton University Ravens Men’s Hockey

“My playing career was ended due to multiple shoulder injuries that eventually lead to surgery. Unfortunately, I didn’t learn about PFL until it was too late. It was so obvious when Dr. Ellard assessed me that it could have helped me avoid injury and extend my career.” Tom Riley, Colgate University Hockey 2005-2009

“As an Olympic athlete I have seen all sorts of approaches to enhancing performance, and dealing with injury. The PFL Method was really eye opening.” Patrick Biggs Canadian National Ski Team

“The only problem I had after Keith’s PFL treatment was that my hands hurt from hitting too hard in my next fight! Thanks Keith!” James Mahony, Professional Muay Thai Fighter

“BEST ONE YET!” Roger Daltrey Lead Singer of The Who

New fees as of April 1, 2021

Services & Fees

Initial Visit Regular Visit Convenience Plan*
Adult $90 $48 $43.20
Senior (over 65) $65 $41 $36.90
Child or Student $55 $38 $34.20
Concussion Rehabilitation $110

*   Convenience Plan is a pre-paid $500 plan which translates to a 10% discount per visit.  It can be used between all family members and accelerates check out.
* The Progress exam is performed by the Chiropractor at a specific date according to your individual plan. The doctor will verify your progress to date, and reassess your treatment plan. We will assign a longer appointment time for you.

** Re-examination is required after a patient has not visited their Chiropractor for a year or more as the practitioner will spend more time to re-asses your health status.  This allows us to give you the best care possible.

It has been long acknowledged that there is a cervical component to most concussion injuries, especially if there is headache or dizziness. In fact often the symptoms of concussion are indistinguishable from whiplash.

In 2011, Dr. Ellard began applying what he had learned from PFLM to the management of concussion with astounding results. To date he has helped successfully rehabilitate 600+ cases all through word of mouth” … with no gimmicks, no gadgetry and no exorbitant fees. The approach has been so successful that elite athletes often fly in to Ottawa to see Dr. Ellard.

  • Consultant Halifax Mooseheads QMJHL Post Concussion Rehabilitation
  • Consultant UPEI Panthers Hockey Team Post Concussion Rehabilitation
  • Consultant Nepean Raiders Jr. A Hockey Club Team Post Concussion Rehabilitation
  • Consultant Brampton Beast ECHL
  • Guest Lecturer OHL Program of Excellence 2010-2015
  • Guest Assessor Octagon Sports Top Prospect Camp
  • Guest Speaker CBC Radio
  • Dr Ellard has assisted athletes from the following NHL teams: Columbus Blue Jackets, New Jersey Devils, Florida Panthers, Anaheim Ducks, Toronto Maple Leafs, Pittsburgh Penguins, Phoenix Coyotes, Calgary Flames, Ottawa Senators, Colorado Avalanche


“I had been suffering from post concussion syndrome for over two months and had tried everything, including functional neurology, when my team flew me to Ottawa to work with Dr. Ellard. The blocked feeling in my head was gone after my first treatment.”

Stephen Gillard, Halifax Mooseheads QMJHL


“I suffered my first concussion during the 2011 CJHL playoffs. After just a few visits with Dr. Ellard, I was symptom free. I continue to see Dr. Ellard to optimize my on ice performance.”

Brent Norris, Nepean Raiders Jr. A CJHL

“Dr. Keith.. you da man!” TJ Grant Lightweight Title Contender UFC

“I had a concussion about 7 months ago. Until I saw Dr. Ellard in Ottawa last week, I always felt symptoms of this injury. I want to thank him because I have no symptom since his first treatment”. – Anthony Dumont-Bouchard, Goalie, Drummondville Voltigeurs, QMJHL