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Dr. Michael Friedman,B.A., D.C.


Laughter is the best medicine! As a Chiropractor and part time comedian, Dr. Michael Friedman is a firm believer in this adage and that it is a close second to chiropractic, but both make a tremendous difference in one’s well-being.  Throughout his fourteen years in practice, Dr. Friedman has used this balanced approach to best help his patients achieve and maintain a high level of health and wellness.

His system of care includes open discussions with patients on how nutrition, regular exercise, stress reduction and management, combined with effective, regular chiropractic care that contribute to a healthy and pain-free life. This holistic approach was central to his building one of the first integrative Wellness Centers in Vancouver, prior to moving to Ottawa in 2008; and is what led him, with the same level of passion and achievement to continue to help his patients improve their quality of life here at Back in Balance.

As a chiropractor, Dr. Friedman is aware of just how powerful and intricate the nervous system is and why it is such a vital component of a healthy life.  Consequently, his major professional development has focused on studies in the areas of neurology, nutrition and functional movement, all to improve his practice and learn new ways to help patients.  This quest for knowledge and improved patient outcomes lead Dr. Friedman to become certified in the Performance for Life Method (PFLM), a specialized and highly effective protocol that was first used with professional and world class athletes, helping them to improve their performance.  He also recently completed training in Cranial Adjusting Turner Style (C.A.T.S.) and is already getting great results with patients from adolescence to adult, who are suffering from headaches, post concussion syndrome as well as problems with concentration, speech, balance, sleep and more.

Dr. Friedman is also certified in BioFlex Low Intensity Laser Therapy, a highly effective device for treating a vast array of medical conditions including soft tissue and sports injuries, arthritis and more.

His mission as a chiropractor is to instill in each individual patient an appreciation of a balanced approach to healthy living and a keen awareness of the variety of ways to achieve physical and emotional well-being. The healthier the individual, the healthier the community; and that is nothing to laugh at.

I was sceptical about this crainial adjusting but having had a few of these adjustments I can testify that my head feels a lot “lighter”. I have fewer headaches, my TMJ problems are greatly reduced. My sinuses are better since doing this too (although I didn’t even link those two things). I’m looking forward to doing more of these adjustments to see if it can help my mental health, concentration, sleep quality and balance. I am totally sold on this – I would probably go every day if I could.

I just wanted to pass on my appreciation for Dr Friedman’s
care – fell free to post/publish! Thanks!


I was initially skeptical of chiropractic, but after several months of
adjustments and cold laser therapy I truly feel better.

The cold laser therapy has essentially eliminated the chronic pain and
stiffness left from an old ankle fracture.

The chiropractic adjustments leave me feeling less stiff and more
limber, often lasting for days!

I would highly recommend giving these modalities a try!

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New fees as of April 1, 2021

Services & Fees

Initial Visit Regular Visit Convenience Plan*
Adult $90 $48 $43.20
Senior (over 65) $65 $41 $36.90
Child or Student $55 $38 $34.20

*   Convenience Plan is a pre-paid $500 plan which translates to a 10% discount per visit.  It can be used between all family members and accelerates check out.
* The Progress exam is performed by the Chiropractor at a specific date according to your individual plan. The doctor will verify your progress to date, and reasses your treatment plan. We will assign a longer appointment time for you.

** Re-examination is required after a patient has not visited their Chiropractor for a year or more as the practitioner will spend more time to re-asses your health status.  This allows us to give you the best care possible.

Cold Laser Therapy

Regular Visit Convenience Plan*
30 minutes $60 $54
45 minutes $80 $72
60 minutes $95 $85.50